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Special announcement / Services
Low Water Surcharge
The Low water level at Duisburg-Ruhrort is at 2,43 m today.

Services / Special announcement
Update on low water surcharge (LWS)
This morning the water level at Duisburg-Ruhrort was at 2,42 m and is still resulting scale 2.

Special announcement
Low water surcharge-Scale 2 (2,50 - 2,21 m)
This morning the water level felt at 245 cm and is resulting scale 2 at the LWS.

Special announcement / Services
Low water surcharge comes into force
The water levels at Duisburg-Ruhrort continue to be at a level causing a reduced carrying capacity for the barges and resulting in our LWS-surcharge table to be applicable.

Services / Special announcement
Water level / low water surcharge (LWS)
Due to the low water level at Duisburg-Ruhrort bookings for barges are expected to be subjected to the LWS-system.

Special announcement / Services
Rail track between Emmerich - Oberhausen closed
Due to construction work the rail track between Emmerich – Oberhausen is temporarely closed.

Services / Special announcement
Water level / low water surcharge (LWS)
The low water level at Duisburg-Ruhrort causes a reduced carrying capacity for barges and results in our LWS-surcharge table to be applicable.

Services / Special announcement
Low water surcharge
The water level at Duisburg-Ruhrort is showing a trend towards the level under which the Low water surcharge will be applicable.

Special announcement /
Alternative for truck movements
Optimodal is working on a point to point connection from the City Terminal Rotterdam to the German Hinterland.

Services / Special announcement
Rate adjustment due to German federal road tolls
Due to the decision of the German Federal Government to extend the truck toll obligation from 01.07.2018 on we have to adjust our trucking rates.

Special announcement
New toll regulation with effect from 01. July 2018
The German government introduced a new regulation for German truck tolls that results tolls on all national highways.

Special announcement /
Privacy policy Optimodal Nederland B.V.
First announcement of the privacy policy

Services / Special announcement
Change in management of Optimodal Nederland B.V.
Rémon Kerkhof has been appointed as the successor of Jos Helmer who will continue as a Project Manager within Optimodal.

Services / Special announcement
New procedures export and import documents - Terminals Rotterdam
Please note that the handling regarding import and export documents at the APM Terminal and ECT Terminals Rotterdam will change.

Services / Special announcement /
Updated Barge schedules Rotterdam-Neuss and Antwerpen-Neuss
Please notice that we updated the barge schedules for Rotterdam-Neuss and Antwerpen-Neuss.

Special announcement
Barge surcharges in effect from August 7, 2017
Barge performance Rotterdam and Antwerp / Barge surcharge in effect from per August 7, 2017

Special announcement
Low Water effective July 17, 2017 | subscription to daily emails during the LWS-period
Please note that the trend of the water levels at Duisburg Ruhrort are showing a trend towards the applicable LWS-level as from July 17, 2017 onward.

Services / Special announcement
New schedules per July 10, 2017 | increased frequency Neuss-Rotterdam v.v.
Schedules Updates 2017, July

Special announcement
Congestion North West Continentel ports and cyber attacks June 27, 2017
Announcement of delays related to congestion and cyber attacks