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Instructions in writing (tremcards)

With coming into force of the ADR 2009 on january 1st 2009 the regulations of the instructions in writing have been changed (-> 5.4.3 ADR):

1) The instructions in writing are only for the crew. As an aid during an accident or emergency situation that may occur or arise during carriage, these instructions in writing shall be carried in the vehicle crew’s cab and shall be readily available. These instructions shall be provided by the carrier to the vehicle crew in a language (or languages) that each member can read and understand before the commencement of the journey. If f.e. a swedish and a portugese crew is on board, and they just speak their national language, the instructions have to be in theses two languages. The carrier shall ensure that each member of the vehicle crew concerned understands and is capable of carrying out the instructions properly.
Before the start of the journey, the members of the vehicle crew shall inform themselves of the dangerous goods loaded and consult the instructions in writing for details on actions to be taken in the event of an accident or emergency.

2) The appearance of the instructions in writing have changed, too. There is just a four paged instruction for all classes with details on actions to be taken in the event of an accident or emergency.  As the instructions in writing shall correspond to the model as regards its form and contents they have to be coloured.

On the UNECE's homepage you'll find instructions in writing in different languages as downloads.

The UIRR has made a paper which informs you about the procedures during the transition time (until june 30th, 2009):

UIRR Instructions in writing (Englisch version)

UIRR Instructions in writing (German version)

UIRR Instructions in writing (French version)

UIRR Instructions in writing (Italien version)