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If you want to send shipments with Kombiverkehr, you must make a booking for each transport. Bookings must generally be made in writing. Bookings for departures from German terminals must be sent to the staff of the relevant Kombiverkehr agencies. For certain national terminals and for departures from Austria, Rotterdam and Antwerpen, our booking centre will take your booking. For other departures from foreign terminals, please refer to the booking information given in Terminals & agencies.

Your booking must contain the following information:

- Consignment date
- Consignment terminal
- Receiving terminal (on gateway routes, the last terminal)
- Re-shipping information (in the case of forwarding)
- Details of the loading unit: design, length, profile, tare
- Anticipated gross laden weight
- Number of the loading unit
- Information about the goods (type, hazardous goods details with UN number, customs information, phyto and veterinary)
- depending on relation sea- and port information
- Shipper/receiver/invoice recipient according to the issued transport approval

For more details concerning required fields, please refer to the corresponding booking forms.

If, on completing our scheduling (the times for which are given in the relevant price rules), we discover that there is insufficient capacity and transport on the departure you have requested is not possible, we will inform you.

If you want to make a booking, there are a number of ways of doing so. Bookings can be made in the following ways:

by fax or email

For bookings by fax or email, please use our booking form. This can be downloaded here:

Booking form
Kombiverkehr_Buchungsformular_en__v1.13.xlt [313 kb]


The Booking form is appropriate to book all our transports - continental as well as maritim transports. The required fields you have to fill, depends on the relation you want to book. The second index page of the form contains more details concerning the required fields.

Alternatively it is possible to book with an electronic Excel booking form. Then costomers will receive a ZIP file with this form and system files. Once these have been installed on a PC bookings can be made immediately. The booking form asks for all the details needed for shipping. A booking confirmation will be received when the email has been sent.

via www.cesar-online.de

Bookings can be made from any computer at any time via http://www.cesar-online.com/. Bookings are protected against unauthorised access by a login with username and password. You can also track the status of your consignments via CESAR and find out about any irregularities. CESAR currently has details from several UIRR companies.

via the website http://it-service.kombiverkehr.de/buchen

Bookings can be sent from any computer and at any time without the cost of installation via http://it-service.kombiverkehr.de/ buchen. Bookings are protected against unauthorised access by a login with username and password. There is no need to enter user details again every time. The booking can then be sent with one click. Confirmation of the booking is sent by email.

via a B2B interface

For customers with high volumes of transports, Kombiverkehr has set up an interface in standard XML format enabling direct communication with haulage systems. By integrating the interface into their haulage system, our customers can generate a booking order automatically using the data already existing. Allocated a customer reference number, the booking is handled electronically right through to invoice verification.


for Booking center:


for Online booking:


for CESAR: