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General Information

Optimodal Nederland B.V. is a neutral logistical services company that concentrates on hinterland container transport by rail, road and water. Based in Rotterdam, Optimodal Nederland B.V was founded in 1992. Today DB Cargo Nederland N.V. holds 24.3 percent of the shares, Kombiverkehr Intermodal Services A.G., Basel 75.7 per cent. Optimodal has an office in Neuss since January 2009. Optimodal aims to constantly expand the company’s range of products and services for multimodal transport and so to enable its customer base of forwarders, shipping and logistics companies to share in economic and eco-friendly benefits in maritime and continental freight transport. To ensure the greatest possible flexibility, the company cooperates with leading and established domestic terminals and uses barge in addition to the primary means of transport, which is road/rail.

Through its commitment to intermodal transport, Optimodal is making a major contribution to delivering an intensive and successful reduction in the share of truck transport on long routes in Europe. Optimodal and the company’s partners and customers are also contributing to the improvement of the environmental footprint by reducing the amount of pollution emitted by transport. The locomotives used are state of the art electrical powered units, using sustainably generated electricity, whereas the container barges used are belonging to the newest generation.

Optimodal’s yearly increase in sales and volumes confirm the success of its corporate strategy. Just as its claim goes – “Good. Better. Optimodal.” – the customers of Optimodal can rely on a first-class service.