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Message 83/94

Services / Special announcement

Water level / low water surcharge (LWS)

Dear customer,

As reported in our earlier message dated 03.07.2018 the water levels at Duisburg-Ruhrort continue to be at a level causing a reduced carrying capacity for the barges and resulting in our LWS-surcharge table to be applicable.

This morning the level at 05:00 hrs. was at 266 cm resulting in the LWS scale 1 (2,70 – 2,51 m) to be applicable for barges departing today. Decisive for the agreed LWS to be applied is the level at 05:00 hrs at the day of departure of the barge.
For up-to-date information and the trend we refer you to the relevant web page on www.elwis.de under "Ruhrort", where the water levels and forecast are recorded and updated automatically.

We will keep you informed during the LWS-situation of any further changes on a daily basis.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact:
Customer Service Rotterdam, Customer Service Neuss
customerservice.rotterdam@optimodal.eu customerservice.neuss@optimodal.eu
+31 (0)10 4943-913/-919/-935
+49 (0)2131 718995-125/-126/-127

Kind regards,

Optimodal Nederland B.V.