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Message 14/20

Services / Special announcement

New procedures export and import documents - Terminals Rotterdam

Rotterdam/Neuss 14.11.2017

Dear Customers,

we herewith inform you that as from November, 15th 2017 the procedures relating export and import documents at the APM Terminal and ECT Terminals in Rotterdam will change.

As from 15-11-2017 export containers can only be delivered when export documents are pre-announced in Portbase. Only when export documents are pre-announced you will receive a pre-announcement OK. Above mentioned is set for modalities truck, barge and rail.

Also ECT intends to change a number of procedures relating to the handling of export and import documents. From that date on, physical export documents will no longer be accepted and physical import documents will no longer be issued.

Please make sure that the documentation will be done correctly in Portbase to avoid that containers will not be discharged by the terminals.

Many thanks in advance for your understanding.

Operations Manager

Katja Benteler