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Message 17/20

Special announcement

Low Water effective July 17, 2017 | subscription to daily emails during the LWS-period

Dear customer,

Please note that the trend of the water levels at Duisburg Ruhrort are showing a trend towards the applicable LWS-level as from July 17, 2017onward.

The daily levels are reported on our home page by clicking on the blue box marked "low water surcharge" and are based on the official Elwis data.

During the period of low water we are sending daily updates to subscribed customers, with the English and German text and applicable levels.

If you like to receive the daily LWS/KWZ-email, please send an email to sales.rotterdam@optimodal.eu.  

Kind regards,
Optimodal Nederland B.V.

Please also refer to www.elwis.de